Laboratory for Software Design and Analysis at NAIST (SD Lab)

Concept of Our Lab:

In SDLab, we conduct research on techniques that support software development and design. Especially, while preserving human's creativity, we focus on engineering supports such as design process, modeling theory of design information and implementation techniques. 


Our Research Areas:

Design & Analysis of Software Process

Recently in software development, due to the increase in scale and complexity, thousands of developers and dozens of company are usually involved in developing a huge software system. In this research group, we aim at mitigating such complexity and exploring solutions that support developers for smoother development process.

Software Repository Mining

Software Repository refers to a development infrastructure that allows developers to collaborate among others for software development via network. It is also a collective term of version control system that manages source code, as well as a mailing list management system that keeps track of  discussions among developers. Within software repository, immensive amount of development history data is stored. By exploiting these data, the goal of this research field is to perform integration that filters out irrelevant information and summarizes the commons. Furthermore, it also aims at providing developers with useful information in a comprehensible way. Such activities are called as Software Repository Mining.

Software Analytics

Software analytics aims at helping individual or team to make better decision in software development. For this reason, software-related data such as source code or development history is analyzed. Afterwards, the corresponding result is provided in a way that can be shared among individual or team.

Software of Cloud Computing

Recently, in the rapidly emerging cloud computing technology, dynamically and automatically constructing as well as allocating computing environment by virtualizing computing resource based on software technology has been gathering attentions. In our research, we aim at manipulating computing resource by utilizing software technique. Specifically, Software Defined Networking (SDN) which is a software-based networking-control technique is in our main focus. Based on SDN, we hope to extend and advance software techniques that can support cloud computing-related technologies such as Cloud Gaming, Big Data Analysis, Machine Learning, IoT and etc.

Our Lab Members:

SDlab is led by Professor Hajimu Iida and Assocaite Professor Kohei Ichikawa, please refers here for more details about our members.

For new students:

Our school provides daily campus tour. If you would like to visit our lab, please visit here for more details.

You can also download the brochure of our lab at here.

Access to our lab and contact information:

Our lab is located on the 3rd floor of the A block of Information Science Building in NAIST. Please take left turn and go straight after exiting the elevator. (Refers to the following image)

  • Location: 〒630-0192 Nara-ken, Ikoma-shi, Takayama-cho, 8916-5, Laboratory for Software Design and Analysis at Information Science Building
  • Telephone number: 0743-73-5794
  • Fax number: 0743-72-6252
  • Mailing Address:sdlab-contact [at] (change [at] to "@")