Design & Analysis of Software Process (English version)

Software Design & Analysis of Software Process:

Recently in software development, due to the increase in scale and complexity, thousands of developers and dozens of company are usually involved in developing a huge software system. In this research group, we aim at mitigating such complexity and exploring solutions that support developers for smoother development process.

Our current research topics:

  • A Planning Support System for Quantitative Management of Software Development

Process improvement in software development refers to discovering problems and providing corresponding solutions in the development process. As such, software product with expected quality can be developed within planned schedule. In order to perform process improvement, it is important to author and tailor an appropriate plan at the start of the project. In our work, based on the data given by enterprise, we aim at providing support for establishing plan in project development. [Click for more details (in Japanese)

  • Visualizing software development project based on hierarchical structure and timeline

Alongside with the rapidly increasing demands for software development, it has been also reported that shorter development period leads to more product failures. To cope with this problem, this research focus on WBS and DFD, which are diagrams for describing software development process with hierarchical structure, to visualize the software development project.

  • Supports for distributed development by analyzing software development data

Due to the increasing scale of software system, software development project is becoming larger and more complex. It becomes common that different development organizations cooperate among others to develop software products in a distributed manner. In this research group, we aim at supporting such distributed software development occurred among multiple organizations.[Click for more details (in Japanese)

  • Integrating techniques that improve usability into software development process

In order to improve the usability of software (Easier to use), different techniques have been proposed. It is necessary to apply suitable techniques at the right time in software development process. In this research project, we work on the software development process with the focus on the techniques that improve usability.[Click for more details (in Japanese)

  • Extracting and Analyzing micro process

For improving software process, it is mandatory to perform analysis not only at organization level, but also at individual level such as micro process. In this research group, based on the data collected from software development, we aim at extracting and analyzing micro process.[Click for more details (in Japanese)

  • Project management Navigator

When managing a development project, similar failures are always needed to be handled repeatedly. In this research project, we aim at forging mechanisms that can exploit project manager’s experiences from previous projects for the upcoming projects.[Click for more details (in Japanese)

  • PReP, a process modeling technique and the corresponding support environment

Software process model refers to a way of description that makes the procedure of software development as well as management method more comprehensible. Software process model is useful for managing and evaluating process. In this research project, we focus on the techniques or notions for software process model.[Click for more details (in Japanese)